Hi, my name is Henry Feldman.

I write plays.

So far, they are all comedies. Believe it or not, two of the plays are about climate change.

I studied acting and directing at the University of Houston after getting my engineering degree from Rice University.

I split my time between Cold Spring, NY and New York City.

My plays are:

Sea Level Rise: A Dystopian Comedy
Global Warming: A Comedy
The Pickle Jar
Shelter In Place
In March 2019, “Global Warming: A Comedy” had a weeklong workshop in Port Townsend, Washington.

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The synopsis for Sea Level Rise: A Dystopian Comedy is:

The year is 2048. We’re in South Florida and that means sun-baked folks addicted to cars, cruise ships, fun and guns. Ready to make its stage entrance from the east at the top of the show are those twin demons: sea level rise and salt water.

Maria Martinez, long time resident of Sweetwater, Florida, wakes to find her septic tank out of the ground, busted and useless. All Sweetwater residents will need a place to stay for two months until the tanks can be fixed. Sweetwater is one of those poorer neighborhoods a dozen miles from the beautiful people on the beach and a million miles from the moneyed people’s concerns.

Dr. Beth Thompson, chair of the climate research department at the University of Miami, having spent 30 years fighting the good fight, is a worn-down alcoholic desperately wanting to leave South Florida. These days, she needs only two words to summarize her entire “Intro to Climate Change” class: “We’re screwed.” But at least she knows the answer to: “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Her husband, Tony Beech, runs a refugee center. He’s got an idea on how to help the thousands of Sweetwater refugees courtesy of the Russians. Tony and Maria shared a romantic past years ago; Beth doesn’t know and Tony has sort of forgotten. On the other hand, Beth knows something about Sweetwater’s future that Maria doesn’t.

“Sea Level Rise: A Dystopian Comedy” explores life in the future when what we pretended wouldn’t happen, has.