Rehearsals have started – See the photos

We’ve had a couple of really good rehearsals. Some of the photos have been uploaded to the “Media” page. Media

The Press Release is going out. Read it and share it!

Dan DeMello, our PR guy, has started contacting the press to spread the word. Want to help? The Press Release is up on our website, please read and share. Sea Level Rise – Press Release

Broadway World has a story on the play!

Our PR operation has started. We’ve got 2 newspaper stories and a podcast in the works. Here’s our first online story: Broadway World Story

Got 98 seconds? That’s all it takes to watch the Promo Video!

I created a promotion video to go with the Indiegogo campaign. It’s funny and also speaks to what I’m trying to accomplish with the play. It’s only 98 seconds.

Indiegogo campaign – Up and Running

We’ve added an “Indiegogo” campaign. This is your opportunity to participate in getting a funny climate change play up on its feet. (Plus you can get a mug, t-shirt and/or poster!) Word on the street is the 98 second promotional video is worth your time.

BBTF – Performance Dates!!

“Sea Level Rise: A Dystopian Comedy” is “Broadway Bound” My play has been selected as part of the 2019 “Broadway Bound Theatre Festival”. Performances will be on: Wednesday, July 31 at 8pm Friday, August 2 at 5pm Saturday, August 3 at 2pm Location : Theatre Row on 42nd Street @ 9th Ave.  Lion Theatre

May 6 – Got to tour the Lion Theatre

This is the theater where “Sea Level Rise: A Dystopian Comedy” will be performed. “Theatre Row” is a complex of 6 theaters. We’re in the “Lion Theatre” which has 88 seats and a stage that’s about 25′ by 16′.  (That seemed plenty big enough for me!) On May 6th, my director, Ted, and I got

May 4th – 2nd table read

I have found that reading the play’s text and getting comments from others who have read the script can only take you only so far. At some point, the playwright needs to hear the words out loud. And isn’t that the point of the script anyway? Of course, getting seven actors committed to the same